About us

More Than 7 Years of Experience As The Professional Real Estate Brokerage And Agency

F&U REAL ESTATE LTD. is a proudly Rwandan owned company. We have strived with our best efforts and knowledge to provide our clients with the best and highest quality of customer service in purchasing, selling, renting of every kind of real estate and property management in Rwanda. Since 2015, in response to the market demand for professional and standardized Real Estate Brokerage and Agent, FURE LTD is licensed Real Estate Brokerage and Agency in the Republic of Rwanda.
Our innovative approach, dedicated professionalism and unsurpassed unparalleled quality of our customer service brought us a long record of success and high reputation among Rwandan’s real estate firms and the whole industry.

Customer service is driven by a customer satisfaction approach. We believe buying and selling property is an individualistic experience, therefore, we have always personalized the services offered to our clients.


To be the most professional real estate brokerage and Agency in Rwanda and the fastest growing and successful business in all of our operating branches nationwide and beyond.


Commitment to achieve our vision through our core values and to provide excellent quality of real estate services in Rwanda by surpassing client’s expectation.

Core Values

  • Honesty : We always tell the truth, no matter how difficult.
  • Quality : We put pride in our work and stand by it.
  • Learning-based : We are always learning and growing.
  • Professionalism : We work and present ourselves with respect and dignity.
  • Efficiency : We seek not to waste time or money.
  • Win-Win : Win-Win or No Deal
  • Be the Best : Through education, service, and effort.
  • Communication : Is the core of our success.
  • Teamwork : You are an important member of our team.
  • Trust : From our honest communication and follow-through.